My First Day at Office

My First Day at Office

For everyone the first job is always exciting. I was also too excited for my first day in office. I dressed up in a professional manner and got ready with all my documents and laptop. When I reached the office, my senior introduced me to everyone in my team. After greeting everyone, I took my seat and started with my work. I tried to complete half of my work before the lunch hours. Due to this, I did not move from the seat for long hours. After lunch, again I worked in the same manner.

I was not in a habit of sitting for long hours. Even after eating food, I did not walk which resulted into some heaviness in my stomach. Within half an hour, I felt some pain too. My stomach started aching and it was becoming difficult for me to sit there. I wished to leave the office right at that moment. Moreover, as it was my first day and I was not frank with anyone, I hesitated in discussing my problem with anyone.

Finally, I asked the office boy to help me out. He bought a sachet of Gas-o-Fast for me. I added a sachet of Gas-O-Fast in a glass of water and gulped it. It gave me instant relief from pain and I could get back to my work. After drinking Gas-O-Fast, I was able to complete my work with more concentration.

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