My Daughter’s Birthday Party

My Daughter’s Birthday Party

Birthday parties are always special to children especially when it’s their own. On my daughter’s birthday, I decided to give a grand party and make it a special one for her. Before a month, I booked the venue and bought her a birthday dress. Right from the menu to the decoration, I planned everything. I prepared the guest list and invited all friends and relatives.

On her birthday, I took a leave from my office and dropped her to school. The party was set in the evening and I was busy doing the last minute preparations. I visited the venue with my husband in afternoon and we were happy to see that the arrangements were beautifully done. We had to reach the venue at six in the evening. Meanwhile, I dressed my daughter and got ready myself.

Right before an hour, I felt some pain in stomach. Initially, I tried to avoid it as I had no time for myself. Within five minutes, I realized it was acidity. I did not want to spoil my daughter’s birthday so I took a glass of water and added the sachet of Gas-O-Fast in it. It is an antacid available in sachets at nominal prices in the market. After drinking it, I got relief in an instant. Fortunately, we reached the venue before time and enjoyed the party till late night. For me, it was such a delightful moment to see a smile on my daughter’s face.

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