My Companion- Gas-O-Fast!

My Companion- Gas-O-Fast!

I always wanted to be an anchor because there is not just one thing about being an anchor, it is a package deal. It is a fun job and you get paid to party and have a good time. What else can make you happy than making others happier? If you are a smart and charming event host then limelight is something very much expected from the media and that focus of interest simply makes you a star- at least famous.

But, things tend to change their course just like water when we want to control them. Instead of becoming an anchor, my fate made me a reporter.

It was the last event of my favourite anchor in my city and as a news reporter, I could not have afforded to miss a chance of interviewing him. It was going smooth until I asked him about his one of the most important turning points of his life that he wants to share with all of his fans.

He laughed at first but then became serious. He took a deep breath and started, “Do you remember last year when at a concert I made a so-called blunder and it was said by the media that I do not have much to give to the event industry now? My career is over forever. It was something that I never told anyone that what actually happened that day when I left the stage in the middle of award giving ceremony. I am going to tell you the real reason now. It was my acidity and heartburn that made me speechless and it was so intense that I could not utter even a single word on the stage. I was stuck in the middle due to my illness but, it turned out to be a subject of mockery for my competitors and media.”

His eyes were wet and I was wondering that how simple issues like acidity and heartburn can easily destroy people’s life.

I regained my consciousness and asked him, “I believe everything is fine now as this year has been terrific for your career so far. Don’t you face the problem of acidity and heartburn now? If yes, then how do you deal with it?”

He smiled half-heartedly and said, “Yes! I do suffer sometimes, but I have something for all my acidity related worries. Gas-O-Fast has been my companion this year and it respectfully shares the credit of my success. Thank you, gentleman, I am getting late for my dinner now”

He left silently, but the impact of his words was still there in my head. Even I found my new companion with that interview- Gas-O-Fast. I am looking forward to a bright future with Gas-O-Fast now.

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