My best friend saved me

My best friend saved me

I was meeting my best friend after a long time. We live in different cities after getting married and seldom get time to catch up. This time however was more special because I just gave birth to a lovely daughter and my best friend was meeting her for the first time.

I planned for a lovely party at a nearby restaurant and was eagerly waiting for the day. At last the much awaited day came and I was filled with happiness and excitement. I got ready early morning and went to the airport to pick her up.

Since it was early morning and I was getting late, I could not eat anything. I took a cab and reached the airport. After a little while, I saw my best friend and rushed to hug her. I was so happy! We went to a local food joint in the portico as that was the only place open at that hour. I had a spicy bread pakora and cold drink.

Alas! I did not realize what it will do to me. I got a very sharp stomach ache and felt like as if I was going to pass out. My friend concluded that I am getting an acidity attack and quickly reached for her purse. She took out a sachet of Gas-O-Fast and emptied it into a glass of water. I had it immediately and felt the sharp sensation passing. I also had few burps too and that eased my discomfort.

My friend told me to keep Gas-O-Fast handy at all times. We went to the party and enjoyed ourselves.

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