Meeting Old Friend in a New City

Meeting Old Friend in a New City

I have a number of friends and love to meet them frequently. Last week, I got a call from one of my friends who was coming to my city. He was coming here for the first time for some official purpose. I told him that I will be there at the airport to receive him.

From morning, I was feeling unwell but was excited to meet my friend. To welcome him, I did all the preparations at home. As both of us are movie-buffs, I also got movie tickets for us. I realized that my stomach pain was constantly increasing. For an immediate result, I tried some home remedies. I took pain killer too but it did not work. In the same condition, I went to the market to purchase some stuff. After returning, my stomach pain was unbearable.

Due to the pain, I thought to drop the idea of receiving him at the airport. I was about to call my friend when my mom called me up and told me about Gas-o-Fast. I went to the market and bought a sachet of Gas-o-Fast. It gave me relief within seconds. I was surprised and happy. Finally, I reached the airport before time and received my friend.

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