Lunch with Office Colleagues

Lunch with Office Colleagues

Last Saturday, I had to go for a corporate lunch with my office colleagues. We went to one of the best restaurants in the city. This time we were celebrating our team’s success. We ordered food according to our preferences. While waiting for our order, we cracked jokes and enjoyed our time.

As soon as the food was served on our table, we could not control ourselves. Everything we ordered was delicious in taste. We tried different dishes and after that we ordered desserts. This resulted into over-eating and I could feel some pain in my stomach. While returning to our homes, some of my friends took me to an ice-cream store. I had no space for an ice-cream so I refused but they ordered a small cup for me.

After eating that cup of ice-cream, it became difficult for me to walk. I felt like taking rest for some time. Late evening, I reached home and just preferred to sleep. I changed my clothes, ignored the pain and went to sleep. Within 10 minutes, I realized that my stomach pain was slightly increasing. Then I realized I won’t be able to tolerate the pain and went to the kitchen. Without trying any pain killer, I took a sachet of Gas-O-Fast that I always keep handy and added it in a glass of water. After drinking it, I instantly got relief from the pain.

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