Let acidity not spoil your festivity

Let acidity not spoil your festivity

India is a land of color, diversity, and integrated culture. Living in this secular nation and celebrating every festival with the same enthusiasm and devotion, its always a joyful emotion. Being home to so many religions, we Indians are gifted with a long list of festivals to enjoy throughout the year.

These festivals are a great time to enjoy special dishes that is prepared using the traditional recipe of our ancestors. The dishes have always proved to be a great delight to our stomach, making these festivals a much happier affair.

Each and every festival brings with it the joy of the festival and the ceremonial foods. These dishes offer us a great opportunity to revisit our ancestral Indian cuisines and give our tongue a new and unique flavor to experience. At this time of the year, everyone seems to be in a party mode and people without any second thoughts, enjoy and consume spicy food and desserts to the fullest.

Every festival has its different flavors and different approaches. For example, the festival of Karwa Chauth is about staying on fast the whole day and only consuming food after taking a glance of the moon. However, on the same hand festivals such as Durga Puja and Diwali people believe in consuming delicious and mouth watering foods.

Every time you stay hungry or you over consume these traditional dishes, you are inviting the acidity nuisance. However, festivals are meant to be celebrated and rituals should always be followed. Therefore, just to make sure that you enjoy your festivals to the fullest without being overshadowed with acid refluxes, always keep Gas-O-Fast in your pocket.

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