Last Weekend

Last Weekend

Put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care…because it’s Friday!

So, Weekend is like a drug for me. I am sure that I am not the only one in this world who loves the weekend.  You can imagine what importance a weekend holds for a person who spends at least 12 hours in the office and 1 hour in public transport ever day.

I prefer staying at home during Saturday’s & Sunday’s. You may be surprised by this fact, but I literally eat anything like a hog. Forget about the flat, I don’t even prefer stepping out of my room. My biggest challenge on weekends is making food and frankly speaking, I never fare well in the task. Mostly, I order food from nearby restaurants and get it delivered at my doorstep.

Last weekend was really bad for me. I woke up at 10 in the morning and ordered food from a new restaurant nearby, hoping the food will be exotic after looking at their highly priced menu. Thankfully, they delivered food on time and it smelled great. The food was so delicious that I hurriedly ate way more than I usually eat in no time and slept back again.

I suddenly woke up in the evening due to uneasiness and intense heartburn. The so-called delicious food was taking its toll. I was too lazy to go the nearby chemist shop for the medicine so I kept bearing the acidity and heartburn.

Saturday night passed somehow, but I was still suffering from gas, heartburn, and bloated stomach. It was enough for me and I decided to text my sister to ask her about the remedy of the gas problem. She suggested me to go and buy a packet of GasOFast from the nearby chemist shop. I curiously asked her, why only Gas-O-Fast and nothing else? She explained, “Gas-O-Fast antacid works in seconds, and is one of the best antacids for you. Gas-O-Fast infused with the mystic wellness of Ayurveda, travels directly to the source of acidity and gas, neutralizing the acid on contact, giving you an instant relief. The natural goodness of Ayurveda helps in proper digestion of food.”

I was so stunned by her confidence that I straight away took the stairs and moved down to the chemist shop. I came back with a full packet of GasOFast and gulped one of the sachets with water immediately.


I was perfectly fine within the next few minutes, she was actually right! It was like a miracle for me.

I want to say thanks to GasOFast for saving my last weekend and many more to come.




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