Last Outing with My College Friends

Last Outing with My College Friends

No doubt, college life is the best phase for everyone. I too enjoyed my graduation days with my friends. I had a group of friends who were dedicated towards studies and enjoyed sports too. Throughout the three years, we people enjoyed every moment. Right from attending classes to sports events, cultural activities and college tours, we were always together. By the end of our final year, all of us got placements in different companies.

After college, we knew that most of us would be shifting to different cities for our jobs. On the last day of our college, we decided to go for an outing in evening. Some of my friends arranged movie tickets for all of us. After the movie, we planned the dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.

That day, while returning from college I had some street food. After reaching home, I felt some pain in my stomach but did not pay attention to it. I tried to sleep in order to get some rest. After I woke up, I realized that the pain was constantly increasing. It was becoming intolerable and I thought I won’t be able to go for the movie with my friends. I did not want to miss this opportunity as it was the last outing with my friends.

I discussed my problem with my mother and she gave me a sachet of Gas-O-Fast. I added the sachet in a glass of water and had it. After drinking it, I got relief from acidity and felt better. Hurriedly, I got ready and reached for the movie. I enjoyed the movie and the dinner too with my friends.

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