Kill Your Fear With Gas-O-Fast

Kill Your Fear With Gas-O-Fast

You must be very much familiar with Rajma, Paranthas, and Chhole if you belong to north India. These are something without which we North-Indians cannot even imagine our food. We are so obsessed with Rajma and Paranthas that we can literally eat them every consecutive day without fail. But, they come with a shortcoming too.

Rajma, Chhole, and Paranthas are known to mess up with one’s stomach and that can really be suffocating for others. Once digested, they produce excess gas and encourage acidity. People often joke about it saying, “Cutting down on rajma chawal and mooli ke paranthe can actually bring down air pollution by 30% in Delhi.” Well, this is a little exaggerated and hyped.

Now, the question arises, what should we do when after we eat our favourite food and our stomach becomes a gas chamber? Of course, no one would spare you and kill you with their eyes if you happen to pass that extra methane out while burping and suffering heartburn at the same time.

Calm down! We do have a solution for that to save you from those not so welcoming gestures of the people around you. Always carry a sachet of Gas-O-Fast along with you whenever you plan to eat out the most delicious food on the planet earth. Because Gas-O-Fast has the goodness of Jeera and Ajwain infused with the mystic wellness of Ayurveda which travels directly to the source of acidity and gas, neutralizing the acid on contact, giving you an instant relief.

So, never ever think about leaving your delicious plate of Rajma Chawal and tasty Paranthas. Take every chance you get to clean those full plates because you live only once.

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