Kill Acidity with Gas-O-Fast

Kill Acidity with Gas-O-Fast

For people who live a socially active life, acid reflux becomes a curse when they are compelled to miss out the parties. It can be caused due to spicy food, over-eating, drinking excess alcohol, coffee, or carbonated drinks and more. At times, it becomes difficult to sleep due to a burning sensation in chest or throat.

An imbalance of digestive acids produced by the stomach can result in stomach ache, bad breath, gastric problem, heartburn, and other such symptoms. It is a common health problem that affects people of all age groups. In such a condition, you must avoid the food products and fruit juices that are the cause of acidity. This can be cured through different home remedies or regular exercise in the morning.

In case you are looking for an immediate result, buy the antacids available in the market. Gas-O-Fast is one such antacid that provides instant relief from acidity and relaxes you. It is available in the sachets at reasonable prices. Just add the sachet in a glass of water and drink it when you suffer from acidity and get instant relief. Gas-O-Fast is available in three different flavors i.e. active jeera, active pudina , and active ajwain.

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