Khao Befikar #GasOFast Ho Jaye

Khao Befikar #GasOFast Ho Jaye

The Navratras have already begun and large numbers of devotees like every year have already started staying on the traditional fasts. Apart from the beats of Garba and Dandiya, Navratras are the time to enjoy the most delectable dishes, along with a tinge of spicy chutneys and some extremely sweet desserts.

The endless list of yummies includes Pakode, different types of spicy chaat, singhare ki poori, and much more. Looking at the sight of these mouthwatering dishes, it becomes almost impossible to resist these irresistible delicacies. The different cuisines served during the Navratras, sounds very yummy, but when it comes to health then there’s no guarantee. The dishes served are prepared using a high amount of ghee and oil, and excess consumption of these dishes can always leave you with heartburn and stomach unrest.

But if you’re one of those, who eagerly waits for this time of the year, then you should definitely not give up on these tastes. Health is something that should always be your top priority, but excusing yourself for this delicious affair is completely fair.

Thus, it’s time to submerge yourself completely in this treat, because we have now come up with a unique solution for all your dissolutions. Gas-O-Fast, for all the situations, when the food you just had make you mad.

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