Indigestion- A Goon To Our Appetite

Indigestion- A Goon To Our Appetite

Food is enchantment to our soul.  We barely come across a person who is not fond of food. With innumerous varieties of food, right from the desi flavors to various international cuisines, we want to try it all. The temptation to gulp in the gol gappe from the street vendor or give our taste bud a mouth watering experience after eating the cheesy burger, leaves us with gratification.

However, food is fun but at what cost? Enjoying the street food often leaves us with multiple problems, like indigestion being the most prevalent. It is an unwanted feeling in the belly making us uncomfortable. A burning sensation in the upper part of the belly is the common trait.


The most common symptoms of indigestion are bloating, nausea, vomiting, fullness during a meal, growling stomach and belly pain. Indigestion is often neglected but it is the main culprit behind various diseases. The most common among them are ulcers, stomach infections, irritable bowel syndrome and thyroid. However, there are ways to fight back this nuisance. We simply have to check on our eating habits. Chewing the food properly and not “eating on the run” is the simplest way to get rid of it. These are simple hacks which help your digestive system to produce enough digestive enzymes, the latter helping in proper digestion.

However, this has become an epidemic today and people have compromised on their favorite food. They yearn to eat but are compelled to suppress this irresistible desire to eat their favorite food. Now get the best possible remedy for this disease in your nearest medical stores. One small sachet of Gas-O-Fast heals your entire digestive crisis. 

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