I Sang My Song With Gas-O-Fast

I Sang My Song With Gas-O-Fast

Acidity and heartburn can really take your fortune away. I am one such victim of these common but serious stomach problems. I was about to lose 6 million bucks but Gas-O-Fast came to my rescue.

My name is Pushpendra Singh and I am not a so successful singer of the Indian pop industry. I have performed in many stage shows and to be frank, organizers got a good response as well from the public.

Every artist waits for the day when he would be able to release his own composition in the form of a song. He wishes it to a big hit and works hard for it. Getting a reputed producer for your song is not easy and it really involves big money, however, I managed to get hold of one pretty soon. We mutually decided the recording date to record my song in one of their studios.

I was well prepared for recording my song but there was something that was worrying me a lot. Actually, I am very prone to acidity and heartburn. I have not figured out yet what triggers it.

Unfortunately, my thoughts took a shape that day and my stomach began bubbling with acid and heartburn. It became almost impossible for me to sing properly. It was very important to record my song that day as there were no free dates for the next 3 months to book the recording studio. I could not have afforded such loss and I literally struggled to make things work properly but failed terribly.

Seeing me struggling over the recording microphone, the producer himself asked me the reason of my bad performance. I told him about my stomach problem and asked him for some help.

He passed on a sachet of Gas-O-Fast to me and asked me to come back after 5 minutes.


It really worked well for me. All the bubbling and troubling stopped within minutes and we could actually finish the recording. The credit goes to Gas-O-Fast and my fantastic producer.

I hope you all would love my upcoming song.

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