I Reached Stadium before My Friends

I Reached Stadium before My Friends

I am a cricket fan and love to watch cricket matches; so much so that I am always excited for every cricket series. For this IPL season, I decided to go and watch the cricket match in the stadium. Through one of my friends, we got the VIP tickets. All of us were too excited for the upcoming match in our city. It was decided that we will meet at one point and reach stadium from there.

On that day, we were supposed to meet at a point and head towards the stadium. We decided to meet around 1 o’ clock in order to reach the stadium before time. We did all the preparations and were highly excited for the match. I just wished to take autograph of some of my favorite cricketers who were going to play. After my breakfast, I had to go out for some work. I decided to return home by 12 o’ clock and get ready for the stadium.

The moment I reached home, I realized some pain in my stomach and felt uncomfortable. I thought I won’t be able to go and watch the match. I informed one of my friends about my stomach pain and he was disappointed after listening that I won’t be coming. Meanwhile, my mother gave me a sachet of Gas-O-Fast. After having it with some water, I instantly got relief from acidity. Immediately I rushed to the stadium and my friends were surprised to see me there. After taking our seats, we enjoyed ourselves and cheered up our team.

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