I Performed Well in My Exam

I Performed Well in My Exam

After completing my schooling, I shifted to a metro city for my higher education. My college was quite far from the place where I was living. It took me more than an hour to reach college and I always got late for the class. After few days, I befriended some students who told me another route to reach college. I was learning new things in the city and was enjoying my studies too.

I spent most of the time with my friends in the library. Our exams were approaching and we were busy in preparing the notes. While returning to my room, I got quite late and was feeling hungry. There was nothing to eat so I went out to the nearby shop. I did not want to waste my time as I had to study for my next day exam. I just bought some snacks and had a glass of juice.

I returned back to my room and started studying. After an hour, I felt some uneasiness and pain in my stomach. Initially, I ignored it but the pain was slightly increasing. I preferred to take rest for some time but there was no relief in pain. I got worried for my exam as I did not wish to miss it. Then I checked out my medicines box for some pain killer. I found a sachet of Gas-O-Fast in it. I added it in a glass of water and noticed instant relief from the gastric problem. Then I got back to my studies and went for the exam next morning. Interestingly, I scored my highest in that exam.

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