I Love Spicy Food

I Love Spicy Food

For me, the most interesting thing in life is food. I like to visit the food fests as I get a chance to taste a variety of food. Spicy food items are always on top of the list for me. Fried aloo chat, paneer haryali, kakori kebab and samosa are some of my favorite spicy food items. I love to try the spicy food at every restaurant and almost in every city.

Last weekend, one of my cousins visited my home. We went shopping and then went to my favorite restaurant. We ordered our favorite food items and enjoyed time with each other. After enjoying our meal, I ordered some sweet dishes for my cousin. Both of us enjoyed our food and bought some snacks for our family members. While returning home, my cousin expressed his wish to eat ice-cream. Then we went to an ice-cream store and bought our favorite flavors.

That day, we thoroughly enjoyed our food. After returning home, we watched a movie on television and suddenly I noticed some pain in my stomach. I tried some pain killer but it was not at all helpful. Then I told my mother and she gave me a sachet of Gas-O-Fast. I added it in a glass of water and it gave me relief in an instant.

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