I am Gas-O-Fast’s biggest fan

I am Gas-O-Fast’s biggest fan

I am a DJ by choice and profession. The music is what gets me going in life and career. But that also means working odd hours and graveyard shifts. Most of the events happen in the late evening and go on till midnight. With my job come majorly unhealthy lifestyle choices.

I cannot keep a track of what I am drinking or eating and don’t have any designated time for my meals too. Coffee, tea, smoking, alcohol, aerated drinks etc rule my day-to-day life.

This leads to many lifestyle related issues that I need to take care of. Acidity is one such issue that I feared the most. This condition has the power to ruin any moment or any day.

But I thank my mother for saving me from it. She makes sure I always have Gas-O-Fast sachets handy at all times. So whenever I get an acidity attack, quickly have Gas-O-Fast with a glass of water and feel the relief almost immediately.

I can easily say that no matter how many people are my fans, I am a self confessed Gas-O-Fast fan.

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