How I Got My Coffee Back

How I Got My Coffee Back

Standing in the balcony, a cup of coffee in your hand, staring out blissfully at the incessant pouring of the monsoon rain, what more could anyone want from life? The mesmerizing spectacle can leave your heart dancing with pleasure. Actually this word ‘pleasure’ had vanished from my life’s dictionary for some time. Though today I was dotingly holding this cup of coffee (the love of my life) a few months ago something else had me in its grip. Home-made syrups and concoctions had taken over my daily routine and coffee was out of my life. All my favourite delights were off the plate.

Soon after the disorder was discovered, I had to adapt to a highly selective diet. All the mouthwatering bites no longer existed in my life. Every day I went through various courses of medical examinations and the contents of the prescription were setting new word limits. Don’t eat this; don’t eat that, were the orders imposed on me by my inner self. I was missing my beloved coffee. After a few days, fortunately the medicines started playing their part and I found myself getting ready to face life again, slowly feeling relief from the crippling pain. With the course of time, the pain and irritation finished but the medicines left their side effects. Due to high intensity dosages, now I was faced with a blow up of gas in my tummy.

Round the clock it felt like huge rocks had been tied up in my belly.  There was a lot of heaviness in the abdomen and I always felt stuffed. Even though I was completely pissed off with the state of affairs I still continued to maintain the diet. I just wanted to get rid of this annoying presence of gaseous stuff in my stomach and its resultant burps. It was getting embarrassingly weird and I did not like that. Moreover each time I looked at my coffee mug, I could feel the pangs of separation more intensely.  I never ever had expected all this in my life.

One day while reading the newspaper, I saw something which struck me.  It was an advertisement for something called Gas-O-Fast. It looked interesting to me as it assured relief from gas and the ridiculous burps. I was in a fix, whether to try it or just ignore it. Then I thought how I had gone through so many measures till now all failing to give me relief. Finally I convinced myself and soon went out to grab a packet of Gas-O-Fast. After taking the tablet I realized that miracles do happen for real. For the rest of the day I was so relaxed and relieved. This was the feeling, I had longed for. I was so glad that after such a long struggle I had finally found a way to control those embarrassing moments and be free of burps with Gas-o-Fast. Once again happiness came knocking at my door in the form of coffee. Yes, my coffee mug and me, both glad that we are together again after such a long time.

Ever since the day I got Gas-o-fast, nothing dares to get in the way between me and my coffee. Oh! The rain drops are falling in my cup, let’s get inside.

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