Hostel food spoils the mood

Hostel food spoils the mood

It is said that home is sweet, but ask the same question to someone who has spent his entire childhood in a hostel. Time spent at home is sweet and I agree with this fact, but hostel life is much sweeter as it is accompanied with infinite fun and memories. These evergreen memories are irreplaceable and nothing can surpass this feeling.

Brought up in a boarding school and then completing college staying in a hostel, you can imagine, how much do I miss going back to the good old days. Yes, hostel certainly has played a major role in my life and now all I’m left with, are these memories. Memories, which make me cry and smile at the same time. Time and tide wait for none, and so is life. My college life is over and I’ve begun a new journey to conquest my dreams.

But traveling on this densely crowded metro, I was accompanied by a certain buzz of loneliness. With music playing in the background, I started looking at the pictures in my I-pad. My gallery was full, as I had captured my entire college life in the device. While going through the gallery and reliving the memories, I came across a picture where my buddies and me were having “Chhole-Bhature” in the hostel mess.

The picture triggered a very funny incident and I started giggling looking at the screen. I went into a flashback and remembered that it was a Sunday afternoon, as “Chhole-Bhature” was only served on that particular day. The food served to us was miserable and it was just this day in the entire week when the food tasted a little yummier.

Everything was going normal and we were enjoying the extra oily Bhature and the very spicy Chhole. Discussing randomly over the meal, a plan emerged out of nowhere. We weren’t filthy rich but we also were never short of money to party. Everyone agreed and we decided to re-celebrate my birthday. I too was excited with the sudden plan but I had my own troubles. The extra oil and spice started playing its game and I was getting uneasy. Tried various hacks and ran to the washroom thrice but nothing seemed to fall right. My friend witnessed the discomfort I was going through and offered me a glass of water. He asked me to drink the water and assured me that I’ll be fine within a few minutes.

Finally, I was relieved from the pain and later, I asked him about the remedy. He said it was Gas-O-Fast, a very effective antacid and the best possible way to tackle the hostel’s “Chhole- Bhature”.

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