Gas-O-Fast saved my date

Gas-O-Fast saved my date

I was in first year college and had just gotten over with all the formal and informal formalities at college. I quickly became popular due to my participation in extracurricular activities as I was a good dancer. I soon was a sought after dancer in my college dance group and used to go to several other colleges for competitions.

It was during my college fest that I saw a girl from another college who had come over with her dance group to participate in our biggest dance competition. Although, we won and retained our prestigious trophy; I lost my heart that day.

I approached her and asked her for her phone number. She was a very nice to talk to and agreed to go on a date with me.

The D-day arrived and I was getting butterflies in my tummy. But those so called butterflies quickly turned into demons. I mean it literally as I realized I was suffering from severe acidity. I knew I couldn’t jeopardize this date with her. I turned to my elder brother who advised me to have Gas-O-Fast immediately. He emptied the contents of the sachet in a glass of water and asked me to gulp in down.

I must say I felt the relief soon after! I went on that much awaited date and now after years of dating, we are engaged to be married!

Who knew Gas-O-Fast can make people fall in love?

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