GasOFast Is like A Lifeline Now

GasOFast Is like A Lifeline Now

You have to be much careful about your stomach when you are in a job like driving. The driver is a person responsible for the lives in the vehicle along with him.


You might be wondering about the connection between a driver and his stomach.

Don’t worry! I have a true story to share with you.

I am a driver by profession and I drive a taxi in my city as well as in other states as well. I got to know the real connection between my stomach and my profession 4 days ago when all the others in my taxi were about to lose their life because of my bad stomach.

I was going to Landsdown (Uttarakhand) with a family of my city (Delhi). I have always ignored my stomach problems like heartburn, acidity, and gas. Even that day I was facing a severe gas problem and while we were climbing hills, it worsened.

I tried my level best to suppress my gas, but it didn’t stop. It was so gross that the people sitting in the last began opening the rear door out of suffocation to breathe fresh air. The situation was very scary and I had to stop my taxi to avoid any sort of emergency situation.

Seeing me in discomfort, one man came closer to me and handed me a sachet of GasOFast. It was not more than 1 minute that I began feeling better. All the passengers asked me to wait for next 5 minutes so as to avoid any such situation again. Fortunately, nothing embarrassing happened on the way and we reached our destination safely on time that day.

A driver has to be free of all the thoughts while driving. I am enjoying my job because GasOFast has become my body’s lifeline now to help me in the times of emergency. Thanks to GasOFast.

Image Courtesy: nitishkumar

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