GasOFast Always Keep You Ahead

GasOFast Always Keep You Ahead

It is often said that it is your hard work that pays you in life.

I totally agree with the above statement, but sometimes even after a lot of hard work, you do not get a chance to deliver your best. It happened with me last month, but fortunately, I recovered from the problem quickly.

I have always been a bright and focused student and have always secured first position in every semester. Actually, I had my final semester MBA exams last month. As per my habit, I started studying to prepare for final semester exams few weeks ago to defend my first position. The first four out of five exams went awesome, however, the last exam is toughest of all but I was sure that I will top this semester too as I had full faith on my hard work.

We all had two days to prepare for the last exam of our post-graduation. I studied for almost thirty six hours out of forty eight hours. Neither I ate properly nor did I sleep properly in those forty eight hours. I don’t know how, but my stomach got upset.

Although, my stomach was not well, I somehow managed to reach the examination center at 10:45 AM. At sharp 11:00 AM the bell rang and we all opened our question papers.

Most of the students were not comfortable after seeing the question paper but I was relaxed and a smile came over my face as the question paper was exactly like I expected.

But the only thing that was disturbing me was acidity. As the time passed it became almost impossible for me to sit in the class and focus on the examination. My stomach was ruling my mind.

I looked at my watch and found that one hour has already passed and I haven’t completed a single question out of five necessary to attempt.

I told my problem to the examiner. She understood the situation and called the peon immediately. When the peon arrived, she told him something in a very low voice so that no other student gets disturbed. Even I could not hear what she asked him.

After a few minutes, he came back in the class holding a glass of water and a sachet of GasOFast. He mixed Active GasOFast in water and gave it to me.

It was really a miracle for me and within a minute my mind again took the front seat and pushed the stomach on the back seat. I started writing at my full speed and completed all the necessary to attempt questions within the time limit. I was confident that I will again secure the first position.

I was right, last week when the university declared the result, my name was on the top.

I knew this time it was not only my hard work that awarded me, but a sachet of GasOFast too, that gave me instant relief from gas, acidity and heartburn. I am really thankful to GasOFast for saving me.

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