Gas-O-Fast: Stomach Disaster Managing Device

Gas-O-Fast: Stomach Disaster Managing Device

I am sure one cannot help it when your manager himself is making it tough for all to breathe in the office. To be very frank, here I am not talking about the work pressure but the bad stomach which makes it uneasy.

It is a fact that the average person passes 500 to 1,500 milliliters of gas per day, but we only contain 200 milliliters of intestinal gas at any time, however, you can imagine the disaster one can bring when the stomach produces too much of it and that too noxious.

Well, we often have to bear that smell when our boss is around. I never got the courage to ask him about his stomach issues and the game of buying new handkerchiefs every week continued until our managing director came to our rescue.

She was actually wondering why everybody takes out their handkerchiefs whenever the manager is around. She called one girl from our team and asked her the reason assertively and thankfully, she admitted that the reason of the bad weather in our office is our manager. She immediately sends for me and asked me if the girl is right about the prevailing air pollution. I reluctantly nodded in yes and asked for her help.

Things seemed sorted from the next week onwards as the putrid seasonal clouds disappeared. I was shocked to see the changed environment of the office and my curiosity took me to our director’s office to know what she has done so instantly to save us from the wrath of our team manager. She asked me to take a seat and handed me a sachet of Gas-O-Fast quietly. I looked at the sachet for a minute and looked at her back with tears in my eyes. She sensed my emotions and explained how Gas-O-Fast can ease acidity, heartburn, and bloating in the stomach within minutes.

I left her cabin happily not because she enlightened me about the Gas-O-Fast but because I still had that sachet of Gas-O-Fast in my hand.

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