Gas-O-Fast Saved The Day

Gas-O-Fast Saved The Day

I am a senior professional in a multi-national company. Being always around people, burdened with work and bad eating habits have become a part and parcel of my job.

I can say that I hardly get time for my family and unable to even have a decent, cooked, homemade meal with them. All this has not only taken a toll not only on my physical but my mental health too. I am always melancholic and depressed. Work stress too adds on to the pressure.

It was one of those days when I was away on a business trip. I got myself checked-in into a five-star hotel suite and was assigned a personal butler. It was early morning and I was just getting ready for a business meeting. Just then it happened! I felt a sharp, stabbing pain just below my sternum and felt as if my whole food pipe was burning with acid. The heartburn was such that it could put the hell’s fire to shame. I started sinking and could only manage to lie down on the floor.

Luckily, my butler knocked and came in the room with my breakfast. He was flustered at first but eventually managed to ask me what had happened. I explained my predicament to him and he said he is rushing for something from the pantry around the corner.

He came back with a sachet. I asked him what it is and he said that it is the ultimate solution to my heartburn problems.  I gulped the sachet contents with some water and within a minute I felt as if nothing had happened! I could feel the pain and burning sensation go away.

I later saw that it was a sachet of Gas-O-Fast. I now keep it with me always and have one less thing to worry about in my life.

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