Gas-O-Fast: My mid-air crisis savior

Gas-O-Fast: My mid-air crisis savior

I still remember the day as if it was yesterday. I just got a promotion and was supposed to travel abroad to take care of a new project. I was very excited for this new opportunity and the exposure I will be getting.

I started packing well in advance and my mother was busy helping me with all that I need. I warned her about the baggage weight limit so that I don’t end up paying for extra baggage. Being the doting mother she is, she always kept on filling up my suitcase with everything she thought I might need and I kept on removing them thinking it is not a big deal.

She also prepared a tiny first aid kit for me to keep in my hand baggage in case something unforeseen happens. I asked her not to as I did not want to pile on stuff that I might or might not need.

The day of my travel came and I had mixed feelings. Happy because I was getting the chance of a lifetime and sad because I knew I would be homesick. My family came to drop me off at the airport and I check-in, boarded and waited for take-off.

Mid-air I had the lousy airline food and did not like it for a single moment. But what can you do? You make do with whatever you get on a flight. It was not long before I got this sharp sensation in my abdomen and I felt this heartburn was taking over my life. I sprung towards my handbag and in the first aid kit I found few sachets of Gas-O-Fast. I immediately asked the air-hostess to get me a glass of water and emptied the sachet into that. I gulped it down and felt the relief instantly! I said a silent thank you to my mother and Gas-O-Fast and enjoyed the rest of my trip.

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