Gas-O-Fast made me a winner

Gas-O-Fast made me a winner

I am a marathon runner by passion and choice. Being an adrenaline junkie, the rush of completing my run in a target time makes me happy.

It was the day before my run. The schedules time was early morning and I was very excited but got myself the much needed rest before the run. I knew I needed the energy. I also decided not to eat much as I thought it might hinder with my performance.

I almost did not have anything to eat the night before. I wanted to be empty stomach and fit; or so I thought.

On the day of the run I woke up very early and got ready soon. I had few sips of coffee just to get that extra boost. That was the biggest mistake I made. After some time, I felt this sharp, excruciating pain below my sternum. I knew it was the acidity and has happened due to me being on empty stomach.

My mother came out of her room to wish me luck and saw my condition. She soon realized what has happened. I immediately gave me a glass of water and a sachet of Gas-O-Fast. I gulped the whole thing down in one go. To my surprise, I felt the pain going away and I was feeling fine within a matter of seconds.

I thanked my mother and went to the marathon venue. I finished the run in my target time and I can’t be happier about it. I have only my mother and Gas-O-Fast to thank for making this happen.

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