Fun with Cousins in Mumbai

Fun with Cousins in Mumbai

Family gatherings are always a great fun, especially if there is some occasion. Last month, my aunt bought a new house and all of us were invited to the inauguration ceremony. As I was in the hostel, no one was expecting me to be there for the event. Secretly, I made a plan and booked my tickets to Mumbai. From the airport, I hired a taxi to reach my aunt’s house. Everyone was surprised and happy to see me there, especially my parents and brother.

I was meeting my family and cousins after a long time. I had a plan to stay there for three days and enjoy with my cousins. In evening, we planned to visit Gateway of India and while returning we enjoyed some street food. We wished to visit some other places too but we were getting late. For the next day, we planned to visit Essel World and all of us were really excited for it. After dinner, all my family members were interested in talking to me but I wished to sleep. Due to the street food, I was feeling some burning sensation due to acidity.

I went to sleep but could not sleep properly. I got up at 1:00 a.m. and told my mother about the acidity problem. She gave me a glass of water with a sachet of Gas-O-Fast mixed in it. It gave me instant relief from acidity and heartburn. Then I could sleep peacefully and woke up refreshed in the morning.

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