Food Friends and Fight!

Food Friends and Fight!

I am a chef owning a restaurant. I love food and am constantly travelling in search of new recipes, flavours and spices – the tantalising zing of tamarind in curry, the saltiness of  sea in prawns, the crispiness of  perfectly cooked paranthas on a hot winter morning, the crunchiness of  papad, the tanginess of  pickled mango and I… could go on and on! Unfortunately, the hectic lifestyle that I chose brought a nightmare – Gas and Acidity. Imagine not being able to live upto it. Having to say no to my favourite food, new experiences and flavours.. Only a foodie can understand the pain I went through.

It wasn’t easy. I rely on my own sense of taste to deliver an exquisite dining experience to my customers,but when it started to affect my health, I needed a game changer. My livelihood depended on it. I tried many things.Gas-O-Fast was nothing short of a miracle. Who knew that a small sachet would deliver such relief. It felt like the fire of ‘ bhut jolokia chilli’ had been put out by a spoonful of vanilla ice-cream. It was a transcendent experience. A weapon to fight those enemies inside – Gas and acidity.It became a part of my survival kit as I started to travel again in search of new flavours.

I weren’t now afraid of those various combinations of pungent spices and chillies that I’d have to came across. Not only did Gas-O-Fast is home remedies for acidity help me cope with the spices but make new friends too. And we all know how important it is to have those right friends at the right time. Only a foodie would understand.

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