Food Food All Around but Not a Bite to Eat

Food Food All Around but Not a Bite to Eat

The fourth page of the newspaper had an advertisement about an upcoming All India Food Festival to be held in Jaipur. Suddenly I was hit by a thought that why don’t my friends and I visit this festival and experience some delicious cuisines from all over the nation. And soon we were off to Jaipur.

All of us are big time foodies and this was not the first time that we were travelling together. The best part of travelling together was having a bite of whatever foodstuff we came across. Whether it was samosa, bhelpuri, peanuts or anything; it was fun keeping our taste buds tingling. This time was no different .Though we had all brought tasty snacks from home we still tried all the stuff from every other vendor passing by. By the time we slept, we all were feeling bloated but somehow we settled ourselves on our berths. The Lights were turned off and the rest of the passengers were sleeping when suddenly a bad odour created chaos. That was seriously unbearable and I’m sure I was not the only one who had trouble sleeping.

Next morning we reached Jaipur and we washed up at the railway station itself. Two of us were ready but my third friend took a long time in the toilet. After almost 30 min he came out with a dull face. Even after freshening up, he was not looking so. I asked him if he was okay or not. “All good”, he replied and we headed towards the festival.

The aroma of all the dishes was all around; we could smell them even from outside of the arena where the festival was organized. As soon we entered we were awe stricken. It seemed like every stall was calling us .Without waiting a moment longer we just jumped in. Yum, it was so amazing that we did not waste our energy in talking. Meanwhile I observed that the third friend of mine was looking troubled and he was not eating anything properly. I asked him forcefully that what had happened. He then told me that his stomach was playing weird games with him since last night and he was feeling uneasy. At that very moment I realized that he was the one who spoiled my night.

First of all I yelled at him why he hadn’t told me earlier. Then I took out a sachet of Gas-O-Fast and asked him to take it right away. Within seconds that lost giant foodie was back in action.  For the next few hours we just ate, and ate, and ate. When we were leaving, my friend asked me if I had another sachet as he might need another one. I laughed and said that it’s better to have Gas-O-Fast rather than being an explosive gas cylinder. He got my point as well.

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