Enjoyed the Day with My Friends

Enjoyed the Day with My Friends

I planned to go for an IPL match with my friends. Through one of our friends, we got the match tickets and reached the stadium before the match began. We managed to get the seat near the pavilion and were excited to see the international players. It was really interesting to see the players practicing and having fun with each other, especially the players from opponent teams. One of my friends managed to get autographs from renowned players.

We enjoyed the batting of our team and cheered up the players when required. The audience was really interesting and the match was tough. During the drinks break, we bought some eatables and enjoyed them. As it was not a one-sided match, it became really interesting till the last bowl. Finally, the team we supported won the match. To celebrate this victory, we decided to go out for dinner. We went to our favorite restaurant and enjoyed our favorite dishes.

After returning home, I noticed some uneasiness in my stomach. Suddenly, I felt some pain and just wanted to sleep. Straightaway, I went to my bed but due to the increasing pain, I could not sleep. I went to the kitchen and took the sachet of Gas-O-Fast. After drinking it, I felt relaxed instantly and then slept.

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