Don’t Let Your Love for Food Take over Your Stomach

Don’t Let Your Love for Food Take over Your Stomach

Traveling and trips, it is said are a source of knowledge and delight and I personally find trains to be true companions.

Actually, I am a traveler and write for a travel magazine so there is no way I can escape trains in my present life. It goes back to the time when I took my first project and I had to go on a long journey to Chennai from Delhi by train. As it was my first solo trip I was very nervous about it. Though I usually pack my bags myself but this time I chose my mother to do it for me.

She packed my bags like an expert, fitting every nook and corner of the suitcase efficiently. What I knew was that all my clothes had been packed but what I was unaware of was that she hadn’t packed any medicine which I might need during the journey. She handed me a bag full of food as she knew I was always hungry like a bear.

I boarded the train and it left the platform at the scheduled time. As I told you I am always hungry, I began eating the food like there is no tomorrow. When my stomach was full I decided to sleep for a while. I woke up 2 hours later with acute acidity and my stomach bloated. I waited for some time to see if the problem went away on its own but it didn’t. I was constantly thinking “Maa ka pyaar bhari pad gaya yaar”.

It was hard to bear the heart burn and bloated stomach. I was sure, everyone sitting in my compartment was aware of what I was going through. Then one gentleman asked me “Acidity?” I nodded a yes. Then he gave me GasOFast and asked me to drink it instantly. Though I firmly believe in a no give-and-take policy in the train I was not in a state to say no. I took the sachet and within seconds I started feeling better. Not to mention the fact that the taste was natural and great, I probably had the Jeera one.

I thanked this man for his concern and courtesy. I even asked him for one more sachet of GasOFast if he had an extra one. GasOFast is an important part of my traveling kit now. I don’t suffer due to my eating habits now though I have tried to change them a bit.

Thanks to GasOFast my life is much easier. No journey seems long now and I cherish each and every moment of tasting the local cuisine just like any other travel writer.

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