Don’t let Acidity Trouble You, Trouble Acidity Instead.

Don’t let Acidity Trouble You, Trouble Acidity Instead.

Acidity! The bane of my existence. Acidity has troubled me as long as I can remember. When I was in school, I would get severe acidity during exams because of nervousness. Any occasion that required me to perform in front of others would cause acidity. Though I went ahead and did it, I suffered a lot. While others were busy rehearsing what they would say, i’d be alone in the restroom, throwing my guts up. My family thought I’d outgrow it.

Boy! Were they wrong. Acidity continued to trouble me during college too. People had invisible friends while I had an invisible tormenter. I went to the college pharmacy so many times during the first month, the person they thought I was selling the medicines and trying to pocket the money and complained to the dean. It took my parents intervening, and a complete medical check-up for them to acknowledge that I had a problem. Only then did I get access to my medicines. I thought that my woes were over now and I had overcome my enemy.

But I had spoken too soon. I realised this on my first date. I had successfully convinced my crush to visit an amusement park with me. We had a pleasant day, eating popcorn and cotton candy and such. Towards the end, we decided to try out the roller coaster. And that’s where my nemesis decided to catch up with me. As we hurtled around the loop, acidity struck. Combined with being upside down the worst happened and I projectile vomited onto the people sitting in the car in front of us! Right in front of my crush! Luckily for me, they were a couple of understanding guys and my crush had a sense of humour. Though she made me the butt of jokes on the entire campus the following day, she also agreed to come for a second date a week later. When I went to pick her up, she gave me a small box tied up in ribbon. I opened it to see it filled with sachets of Gas-o-Fast. “I don’t want your acidity to spoil our first official date.”, she said, “Have Gas-o-Fast to trouble it instead.” I still carry Gas-o-Fast with me wherever I go for fast relief from acidity.

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