Desk Eaters

Desk Eaters

Bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle has become quite the norm in these contemporary times. Nobody has the time to take care of themselves and their eating habits. This in the end affects an individual’s lifestyle and health in a massive manner. The people who follow this type of lifestyle are known as ‘desk eaters’. This term was coined due to the fact that most of these individuals have food on their desks whilst working and munch on snacks rather than following a healthy diet. This results in major lifestyle related issues like acidity, obesity etc.

Here are few tips for these desk eaters to avoid acidity:

  1. Sloppy eating habits: That burger you just bought from the office café instead of a healthy salad is the first and foremost reason for acidity bout at work. Opt for a healthier food option.
  2. Cut down on coffee or tea: They only add to the risk of having acute acidity. Try green tea for some days and eventually replace coffee and tea with green tea.
  3. Long gaps between meals: Make sure you eat a little at regular interval. Here, ‘eat a little’ means just that! It doesn’t mean you eat a lot every time you get the munchies. It means you manage your portions and not overeat. Make sure you are careful as over eating and sedentary lifestyle is the deadly combination for morbid obesity.
  4. Healthy snacks: Keep healthy snacks like roasted nuts and dry fruits as well as energy bars that have fewer calories with you. This will enable you to avoid oily, spicy café food.
  5. Good mental health: Depression, anxiety and stress are few reasons that add onto the acidity attack. Be happy and positive. How you feel from inside reflects on the outside. Remember that if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anybody.
  6. Gas-O-Fast: Keep a sachet of Gas-O-Fast ready with you at all times. One gulp with water gives relief within a minute and the amazing range of flavors gives you the liberty to keep acidity at bay without compromising on taste!

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