Daughter’s Annual Day Function

Daughter’s Annual Day Function

Working as a software engineer means one needs to spend continuous hours in front of the computer. At times, the sitting job becomes too tiring and irritating. It also becomes one of the reasons for different health issues. Most of the times, I felt some uneasiness in my stomach after lunch, so I preferred to take a walk.

Last Friday I had to go to my daughter’s school after office hours. This was the first time my daughter was going to perform on stage. I was quite excited for the event and tried to finish all my work on time. When I was about to leave from office, suddenly I felt like puking. I tried to ignore it but then I felt some pain in my stomach. This made me worried. I did not want to miss my daughter’s annual function.

I thought to visit the doctor but then I would have missed my daughter’s performance. With the increasing pain in stomach, I lost all hopes to reach her school on time. Suddenly a colleague noticed me and gave me a sachet of Gas-O-Fast. After drinking Gas-O-Fast, I felt relieved. Immediately, I rushed to my daughter’s school. I reached on time and she was so happy to see me there.

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