Back with a boom

Back with a boom

This is last week’s incident but so fresh in my mind like it was yesterday. I am a business man who travels a lot for work. Most of the time due to my lifestyle, my diet and health get jeopardized and there was nothing I could have done about it; that is, until that very eventful day when I got the ultimate solution for acidity.

I had come back to my hometown for Diwali and was looking forward to an amazing stay with my family as well as binging on some homemade spicy food.

My mother is an amazing cook and nobody makes paneer butter masala better than her. As it was my favorite, she made it in huge quantity and I reciprocated my love for the dish by overeating and simultaneously praising my mother.

Some time went by and as I proceeded to sleep, I felt this sharp and excruciating pain in my stomach and thought I was going to faint. I screamed and called for my mother. She came into my room, running and knew exactly what might be happening.

She gave me a glass of water and emptied the contents of Gas-O-Fast sachet. I gulped the whole thing in one go and couldn’t believe that the pain was subsiding instantly.

My mother advised me to keep Gas-O-Fast with me at all times as I travel a lot and eat food from outside. I must say, my mother and Gas-O-Fast saved me on Diwali.

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