Avoid Food Items that Cause Acidity

Avoid Food Items that Cause Acidity

When it comes to acid reflux or heartburn or acidity, there are certain food products that are the real cause of the problem. Such food items must be strictly avoided in order to keep your digestive system function in the best manner. It is recommended that one should avoid the following foods:

Chocolates – These contain caffeine and other stimulants like theobromine, which causes acid reflux. It contains a high amount of fat and cocoa that too causes acid reflux.

Fried Food – Fried food items contain high fat content and are categorized among the foods on the bad list. Any fried food item is the cause of reflux and is directly associated with heartburn and stomach pain.

High-fat meats – Non-vegetarian food items increase the chances of acid reflux. One must avoid or eat less amount of meat in order to stay away from acidity.

Caffeine – A cup of coffee to feel fresh is fine but people get addicted to it. Instead of coffee, one must try herbal tea or green tea that can help you in feeling refreshed.

If you have had these food items then you might suffer from acidity. This health issue can be treated with various home remedies or antacids available in the market. Gas-O-Fast is one of the best antacids available in a sachet at reasonable prices. Add it in some water and drink it, this will give you instant relief from acidity related problems.

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