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Acid reflux

Acid reflux

September 05, 2018

When you eat foods, your stomach produces lot of digestive juices that help break down the food and digest better, problem arises when this acid is released in excess. This acid causes acid reflux. 
Acid reflux is a chronic disease that occurs when stomach acid flows back into food pipe and causes an irritation or a feeling of heartburn. You may taste sour liquid at the back of your mouth. 
Not only do your eating habits affect acid reflux, it is also severely affected by your lifestyle, medications and weight. Occasional acid reflux can be improved through changing food habits and lifestyle. However, if the burning sensation persists, you must contact a doctor immediately. 

What causes acid reflux?
•    Alcohol and Carbonated beverages 
Alcohol opens up the stomach valve, causing more acid to be produced and flowed into the oesophagus. However, in case of carbonated drinks, the bubbles in them expand in the stomach putting pressure on the stomach lining. 

•    Smoking Habits
People who smoke are more likely to have a reflux than non-smokers. Constant smoking causes more acid production, stops fast digestion, reduces saliva production which causes severe acid reflux and heartburn. 

•    Pregnancy
Many women face the problem of acid reflux during pregnancy this happens mainly because of the increasing hormonal changes, and the pressure from the foetus.

•    Being overweight
Although exact reason is unknown, it is said that extra weight around the belly can cause pressure on the stomach. It has been observed in both men and women that as soon as they gain weight they face the problems of acid reflux and heartburn. It is suggested losing a few kilos can easily help getting rid of acid reflux.  

•    Fasting 
Contrary to popular belief, fasting increases chances of acid reflux. Fasting consists of eliminating foods and beverages from your diet for a day. Some people also consider fasting as a detoxification method. However, despite all the health benefits, people who are fasting can face acid reflux problems. 

Acid reflux can be treated very easily at home by eliminating certain foods from your diet and changing your lifestyle habits. During acid reflux one must not eat high-fat foods and greasy foods, fried foods, citrus fruit juices, soda, caffeine, chocolate, garlic, onions, mint, alcohol. Eat smaller meals but more frequently. Doing this will regulate the production of acid in the stomach. 
For the longer run, those who are over weight should consider losing weight, quit smoking and quit drinking. 

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