An Amazing trip to Jaipur

An Amazing trip to Jaipur

Being young, everyone loves to go for long trips and party out with friends. We also decided to go to Jaipur after our exams. It was special this time because our girlfriends were also joining us. We did all the arrangements and booked our tickets. I was really excited as it was my first trip with my girlfriend. I called her up in evening and realized that she was equally enthusiastic about our Jaipur trip.

The next morning, we were supposed to board our train. I packed my bags and was ready for my trip. Suddenly after dinner, I realized some burning sensation and pain in my stomach. I tried to control it but the situation became uneasy for me. I was worried about my trip as I was not ready to miss the opportunity. I did not want to disappoint my friends because of my health issue.

When I realized that the pain was becoming uncontrollable, I called up my friends and informed them about my health. My friends were also displeased to know that I was not going to join them. Then a friend called me up and told me about Gas-O-Fast. I tried it and noticed relief within minutes. Next morning, I got up early and reached before my friends at the meeting point. Everyone was surprised to see me there, especially my girlfriend. We boarded our train on time and enjoyed our trip. It was all possible due to Gas-O-Fast.

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