All the yummiest delight to enjoy, this Navratri

All the yummiest delight to enjoy, this Navratri

Navratra has always proved to be a million dollar lottery for all the devotees who always yearn for pious and exquisite food. A time when people indulge themselves in some of the fanciest food prepared at home. Since the festival is all about food and devotion, let me ask, why do you keep fast? Is it out of pure spirituality, or do you love this festival because of its innumerous flavors? Since festivals are about joy and happiness, thus make this Navratri an unforgettable affair, prepare and treat yourself with some of these lip-smacking dishes.

Not so heavy yet yummy, the breakfasts and evening snacks:

  • Different types of Pakoras – Sabudana, palak or kuttu
  • Chips – Potato or banana chips
  • Varieties of Arbi – Sukhi, tikki, and cutlet
  • Types of chaat – Fruit or aloo chaat

A healthier approach to lunch:

  • Jeera or aloo-tamatar sabzi
  • Singahre ki poori
  • Raita
  • Masala arbi
  • Khatta meetha kaddu or Kaddu ki Sabzi
  • Sabudana Khichdi 

The sweetness of festival:

  • Sabudana, coconut and dry fruits ladoo
  • Sabudana and makhane ki kheer
  • Papaya, sweet potato, kaddu and lauki ka halwa 

Refreshment after a tiring day:

  • Dry fruit, banana, and mango shake
  • Lime, watermelon, musk melon, and mint juice
  • Mango almond smoothie
  • Shikanji
  • Sweet lassi

It is always better if the food served is both tasty and healthy. However, good health always lies in our own hands; thus, these are small ways to keep yourself healthy, all through these fests:

  • Eat small meals and do not starve yourself for the whole day.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Use skimmed milk instead of full cream milk.

However, acidity is unpredictable and it can completely shatter your day. But, keeping Gas-O-Fast at bay, one can easily knock acidity, without any fray.

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