Acidity: My early morning alarm clock

Acidity: My early morning alarm clock

Being a foodie is an integral part of my lifestyle. Be it any time of the day, I would always eat. I started gaining weight since very early on in life but that too didn’t stop me from having my favorite dishes.

I soon developed a chronic acidity issue and there were times it got too much for me to take. I used to wake up every early morning to a sweaty body and a sharp pain in my tummy; so much so that I wished to die. But then again, my love for food did not stop.

I also tried a lot of medicines to make it go away but the effect was not instant and by the time the medicines had their effect, I was already half dead due to the pain.

This went on for some time until a friend of mine suggested Gas-O-Fast. By that time I had tried so many medicines that this was just another thing I thought may or may not work. Nonetheless, I bought the sachets and decided to give it a try. I again woke up early morning with the same pain. I immediately emptied the sachet in a glass of water and gulped down in one go. To my surprise the acidity was gone instantly and I felt the pain subsiding too! Seeing the change in me, I stocked my first-aid kit with all three of its flavors, i.e. Jeera, Pudina and Ajwain.

I can now have my favorite dishes without having to worry about the ‘morning alarm’. All thanks to Gas-O-Fast.

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