Acidity before My Dance Performance

Acidity before My Dance Performance

For youngsters, having a job is a way of being independent for fulfilling personal needs. During my final year, I tried my luck in various companies. It was my dream to start my career with a multinational company and fortunately, I got this opportunity. I wanted to make the most out of it. So from day one, I decided to give my best and learn as much as possible.

It was a nice experience to work with a co-operative team. All my team members helped me in learning new things. I never felt that the place and people were new to me. To have fun on weekend, we used to go out for dinner and movies. In less time, I developed a strong bond with them. One day, our senior informed us about a cultural function that was to take place after a week. With all our efforts we prepared a dance number and were eagerly waiting for the day.

Before our performance, all my colleagues were busy doing the rehearsal. On the other hand, I was quite nervous because of the acidity problem. I told my friends that I would not be able to participate. Noticing my problem, one of them gave me a sachet of Gas-O-Fast. After drinking it in a glass of water, I got instant relief from acidity. Then, I could easily participate in the event and our group secured the second position.

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