A Movie screening that could have gone wrong

A Movie screening that could have gone wrong

I am a famous actor and live life on the edge. I am used to waking up in the wee hours and working on an empty stomach just for that perfect scene.

When I joined the industry I didn’t know that all this fame and glamour came at a cost and that is our health.

My unhealthy lifestyle led me to suffer from acidity. I used to get severe bouts at the most unwanted times and this led to me being embarrassed in front of my director or co-actors.  After all who would want to be disturbed by acidity during shooting when we all know it is always on a tight schedule.

I was friends with a co-actor who was my senior in the industry. Our friendship soon grew into a good brotherhood and that was when I told him about my acidity problem.

He went to his vanity van and handed me a sachet of Gas-O-Fast and asked me gulp it down with a glass of water.

I did so and soon felt the excruciating pain going away. I was surprised by how quick Gas-O-Fast relieved me of acidity.

I now keep Gas-O-Fast with me at all times and go to shoots without any worries.

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