A lifetime gift to my friend on my birthday

A lifetime gift to my friend on my birthday

“Excuse me,” he said, I am referring to my friend Shivam Saha here.

He has this bad habit of saying ‘Excuse Me’ every time he does something that is anti-social. Now, here is the twist, he is a regular criminal who always does something unsociable by spreading a bad smell due to bad stomach.

We all have given him the name ‘EM’ due to his habit of saying Excuse Me over and over again.

He doesn’t say Excuse Me now for his uncontrollable deeds but there was a time when there was trouble whenever he was around. It was my birthday last year and I invited all of my close college friends including him despite his habit of spreading bad odour but I had a plan for him, something that turned out to be a gift to him on my birthday.

Most of my friends came to the party and we started chit-chatting. As expected he spoilt the party within an hour. It was unbearable to stand next to him. Now was the right time to hand over a packet of GasOFast to him.

I took out a sachet of GasOFast from my pocket and gave it to him saying “No More Excuse Me, Say Excuse Me Not”.

He looked at me surprised but took the sachet from my hand and drank it with water. He murmured “Hmm…Taste is natural and good, let’s see its miracle”. Fortunately, he was relieved of his bloating, gas and acidity problem within seconds and so were we.

He enjoyed that party like never before and he kept thanking me for giving him a natural solution like GasOFast. He doesn’t say Excuse Me anymore but the name hasn’t changed, he is still ‘EM’.

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