7 Ways To Say Bye-Bye To Bloating

7 Ways To Say Bye-Bye To Bloating


Feeling inflated? Bloating is caused by gas which can make even a tiny tummy become anything. To cope up with the issue of bloated stomach, here are some tips:

Balance sodium and potassium in body

The more salt you consume on a given day, the more potassium-rich foods like asparagus, citrus fruits, melon, tomatoes, etc. you should eat to maintain the balance of sodium and potassium in the body.

Get off the couch

“Come on! You need to workout to maintain your health. Exercise is known to activate the stomach and facilitate the bowel movement.

Gulp down appropriate glasses of liquids each day

Fluids help flush waste out of your system which in turn helps in the proper functioning of the stomach.

Sip peppermint tea

If you love your stomach then don’t overdo carbonated drinks. Peppermint tea is known to help in releasing gas by relaxing the digestive tract and boosting normal peristalsis.

Cut back on sugar-free gum

Avoid candies and other foods containing artificial sweeteners as they contain sorbitol and aspartame; they aren’t digestible and trigger bloating.

Don’t eat and run

Stop your legs please, you are inviting issues like gas, heartburn and bloating unknowingly. Science says, when you eat in a hurry, you swallow a lot of gas-producing air. Keep your mouth closed and chew food well. Try to sip straight from a cup instead of from a straw.

Cook the raw veggies

Do you suffer from bloating? Breaking down raw produce can be tough for your body, leading to bloat. Always cook your vegetables to make things easier for your stomach to handle.


Please don’t freak out as stress hormones speed up everything in your body, including your digestive system resulting in gas and bloating. So, when you’re anxious, just get up and go for a stroll to ease your nerves and move bubbles out of your tummy.

Get tested

Lactose intolerance or fructose malabsorption can be a cause of the chronic gas and bloating problem.

Well, these are just the precautions to avoid gas and bloating. Problems are never warmly invited and so if ever you suffer gas and the bloating problem then do not forget to gulp down a sachet of Gas-O-Fast to get instant relief from your stomach worries.

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