4 Tips to Prevent Heartburn

4 Tips to Prevent Heartburn

Heartburn is caused when the lining of the esophagus comes in contact with stomach acid. This produces a burning sensation in the central chest. It can be caused due to the improper food timings or over-eating. If you suffer from heartburn frequently, try out the following measures to avoid it.

Do Not Go to Bed Right After Meals – After eating lunch or dinner, avoid lying down for two or three hours. On lying down, it is easy for stomach contents to splash up whereas it is under control while sitting or standing.

Avoid Food Items – Try to avoid food items like caffeine, alcohol, chocolate and fatty foods that can irritate a damaged esophagus lining. High-fat meals must also be avoided as they tend to stay in stomach longer. One must also avoid eating large meals because the capacity of the stomach remains same.

Try Antacid – For instant relief from heartburn, one can try antacids. There are various antacids available in different flavors. Gas-O-Fast is one of the reliable antacids available in sachets. Just add the sachet of Gas-O-Fast in water and drink it. Moreover, it is an Ayurvedic product and is available in interesting flavors, viz. Jeera, Pudina and Ajwain. This will provide you relief from heartburn as soon as possible.

Drink Enough Water – A person suffering from heartburn is advised to drink enough water. One must go for all the heartburn-friendly beverages like mineral water, decaffeinated tea, low-fat milk, and non-citrus juices.

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