Food is My First Love

  Food is My First Love

I am a big foodie and love food the most in this world. A good food served in a creative manner uplifts my mood. There are some people who eat just for the sake of eating but I always enjoy my food. I don’t have a favorite dish simply because I love everything, be it Indian, Italian, Thai or Chinese. While going out with friends, I always plan out for the best or the new restaurant in the city.

Last Saturday, my friends planned for a movie and from there we went for dinner. It was my favorite restaurant so I was super excited for the food. We ordered different dishes and shared with each other. We also tried some new dishes added to the restaurant menu. While returning back home, we also had a cup of ice-cream. While eating, I did not bother about my eating capacity. After half an hour, I reached home and felt some pain in stomach, which was the result of overeating.

I went to my bed but could not ignore the pain. I was feeling uncomfortable and could not sleep due to the pain. I tried Gas-O-Fast and could see the result in few seconds. I felt so relaxed and slept quickly without any pain.

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